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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Man Uses Barbie Fishing Rod to Make Record Catch

The news is here and I don't have a doubt is true. Sometimes I think we use over priced, over powered and over bulky equipment for our fishing but the truth is, that when you fish in saltwater for large predators there's no much room for Barbie rods.

One of our main goals is to hook, fight, land and release successfully the fish and this can be only done with the right equipment. If you use tackles that are too light you might end up with a line breakage, that leads to a fish running away with the lure in its fangs. If you eventually manage to land it it is very much likely to be worn out by the fight, overstressed and will probably not survive.

One day my daughter will probably ask me for a Barbie rod, I'll be happy to buy it for her, I need somebody in the future to keep this blog and my web going :-)

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