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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jigging the Andaman

I have just come back from the Andaman and I must say that it has been a very surprising trip. I knew that Akshay and Darran had been working hard on the jigging side, but until I could figure out myself I didn’t know what to really expect.
I must admit that the results have been quite spectacular, not only in term of fish landed or size, but in the map that these two guys have been able to design in the last two years. During our week we fished areas that are probably untouched as far as jigging is concerned, and the long trip to Invisible Bank, once the Mecca for the vertical style, is no longer necessary.

In fact we visited the Bank on a beautiful day, blessed with a flat calm sea and fast run, and we landed a massive amount of fish. Thus, the majority was GT and apart from one decent animal, most of them were medium to small size. It was also more difficult to find the right places, the area is indeed very big and scouting the places is not something that can be done on a daily basis, and we hopped on the biggest school of fish by chance, moving from one place to another.
So the right places are not too far away from the dock, well at least as far as Andaman is concerned, and the marks on the plotter are growing by the day. We landed a very interesting variety of fish, from GT to Doggies, Snappers, Ajs, you name it. And the funny thing is that in certain areas you can have two guys tossing poppers and one jigging and they all will catch fish.

I have to say bravo to my Indian friends, they worked hard to develop a brand new fishery, and it will sure payback in then future giving more opportunities to their costumers. Check their web at: Game Fishing India

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Haven't been around for a while. My apologies

Sorry guys, this has been quite a long winter and I found myself working on various and different projects. For example I have changed the look of my fishing web page. Had to learn how to work with WordPress and suit the design to my needs. I also changed the site, and turned it into a photography only blog, in spanish.

This blog will be the sole english "speaking" I will take care of, and it will include both my photografic efforts and fishing stuff. Still have quite some things to bring forward but once I'm kind of settled down I will re-activate my writings here.
Thanks for your patience, I hope this break is for good and we'll catch up here again soon