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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last Minute Roosterfish

There's a story behind this Roosterfish. It was the last day of the trip, late morning and we had to go back to the mother vessel to pack and leave in the early afternoon. We were in Panama, Pacific side, Gulf of Chiriquí. My friend Oriol has been chasing a Roosterfish the whole week to no avail but he's stubborn, determinate and never gets tired. Ivan, the other fishing buddy was repeating "Hasta el rabo todo es toro" that means more or or that until the end everything can happen. The boat was already in the river, heading up toward the harbour, and Carlos, the skipper, decided to stop near a sandbar to try the last casts. This is when the miracle happened, the fish rose to the surface and inhaled the large popper, a feisty fight took place. This has been one of the most spectacular Roosta I ever seen, jumping out of the water like crazy. Great stuff. Oriol, as you can see, finally landed the fish and after few shots and a safe release, we could head back to the harbour with a grin in the face. Ivan repeated:"Hasta el rabo todo es toro". No Rooster for him, a good excuse to come back to Panama once again. A wonderful place

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