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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Surrounded by mythology

When you venture on a trip to the wildest places of Egypt, legends, mystery and myths are all around you. We went there in search of a legendary freshwater predator, one of the mightiest of them all. The biggest ever recorded topped the scale at 516lb in Lake Victoria, while Nasser’s record is a “humble” 329lb….

Yet the Perch was not the only fabled subject of the trip, we really wanted to take advantage of the visit to see some of the temples that have been disassembled from the valley, and reassembled on the highest hills, before the dam was finished and Lake Nasser was created.

We did all this travelling with the Nubiana MV, operated by the guys at, perfectly organized. Simple yet tidy and comfy. The silence of the lake was our travel companion, adding an incredible atmosphere to the trip.
Fishing was average, nothing spectacular but we had our chances and landed some decent fish. Yet, I believe that my friends and I had a truly enjoyable trip, one to be remembered or repeated
Dekka temple
Sunset fishing on the lake
Small Nile Perch
The mother vessel, Nubiana
One of the biggest Nile Perch
Releasing a small fish caught from shore
The hike
Sphinx' Avenue. Es-Subu temple
View of the lake at sunset

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OutsmartingFish said...

Cool photos! I'd really like to go fish for those guys some day.