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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The new Tropical fishing season is about to start

It truly is, in less than one month I will be hopping on the first airplane with the first group of costumers. Destination Bermuda, for an exploratory jigging trip, the first both for me and the costumers. I have always been curious about this spot. In the IGFA book of records there is a good deal of massive Amberjack caught in these waters and I wonder how our irons will behave. My friend Miguel, an excellent Portuguese fisherman, last year landed this massive Amberjack in Cape Verde, I'm showing here the photo for you to see what we are after in Bermuda... pretty ambitious guys uh ???


Jeff said...

Nicola I really enjoyed the article in Sport Fishing, and I learned very much. Please describe the tackle used to land this beast of an amberjack (90-100 kg I am guessing); rod, reel, line, leader, and lure. Thanks very much.

Glenn kross said...

Nicola, I enjoyed your article in Sportfishing Magazine I am an avid jigger from the USA, good luck in bermuda with the amberjacks, this past weekend I landed a 55 Kilo or 120 pound Amberjack on a Andamans jig in USA

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