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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wind On Leaders, the way to go!

Wind On Leaders for popping, something exciting to talk about. Dom, our skipper in Cape Cod showed us how they work and boy, ain't that cool! Damn the midknots, pr knots and all that tedious crap, a triple surgeon's knot to make a short loop and then a loop to loop connection with the wind on.

Gosh! I'm getting old and all the technical stuff really becomes boring for me, I like to rig my assist hooks though and a wind on is not much different from that and when you're out there fishing it really gives you an advantage

Yesterday I tied my first one, took me a while but it looks smooth and slick. I'm going to try with different lb test now, and then back to fishing to use them.

Knots? What the hack is that?


Memo said...

Nicola, are you making triple surgeon knot both on the lader and braid? And are you using single or double loop to loop?

Nicola Zingarelli said...

Memeo, first of all I'm absolutely new to this so Probably I'm not the best to reply to your question. Said that I can confirm that Capt. Dom was making a loop on the braid with a triple surgeon's knot instead of a Bimini Twist and then he would connect the loop of the wind on leader with the braid's loop with a loop to loop know....Loooops :-)

Memo said...

I've already studied my homework before asking you :) I've heard some bad stories about loop to loop connections but as you said, they are very practical! I hate trying to tie a mid knot or PR in a rocking boat. Please make a blog entry when you master this connection.