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Monday, June 8, 2009

Want to be a winner?

Is your ego big enough? Do you want to understand if your photos are good or bad? Get free critiques? Maybe improve your technique?

Check this out:

After a fast and painless registration process you can upload your first image and start receiving votes from the other members of the pool. There are several categories to choose and you will sure find your best. It is a give and take game, you will receive votes but you will also have to vote the other images.

The basic registration allows you for just one upload at the time and if your image wins you will have the chance to open another slot. Otherwise, you can buy a subscription, and you will be able to upload more photos and to see the statistics of the votes you are receiving. Subscriptions to this site are among the smartest and flexible around. You can subscribe from one month to lifetime, and the fees are very reasonable. You don’t go bankrupt if you want to give it a try

Now, you will find a vast, endless variety of photographic styles and skills. From snapshots to masterpieces, all in one web site, all in the same voting board. The good photog though are always on the main page with their winning images. There’s no prizes for the winners, just a bit of virtual glory and points you accumulate in your account, both for uploads and to grow your voting weight.
I’m there and I’m having fun, it steals you very little time and gives you a chance to put your photos and your hidden (or not so hidden) ego to a test.

Give it a try and enjoy yourself :-)

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