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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The studio craze

Thanks to an amazing flue I had last week, I managed to spend some time working on my brand new insanity: strobes!

This time I tried to do something related to my main occupation. Most of the time I shoot my daughter's teddy bear, some flowers, a tomato or an oil jar but this time I wanted to try some kind of product shot.

The result is more or less crappy. I don't know if I have screwed the lights, the background or what but I barely come to appreciate it. Thus, during this long photo session I managed to understand few more things about this though and challenging work. each and very day I pay more respect to the guys who are able to present us things in such great ways in the mags ads, and books.

This image has been shot with a strobe lighting the background (SB600), one main light on camera left around 45/60º through a soft umbrella.

This shot shows how the lack of a reflector darkens some areas in the lower part of the reel

This shot has been done with a reflector (camera right) and many of the shadows have come to live

Whatever the results I enjoy a lot what I do in my improvised studio. Is a great way to spend the cold winter.

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